Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keep Wrinkles At Bay The Easy Way

Keep Wrinkles At Bay The Easy Way

My generation, Baby Boomers, are responsible for creating the Anti-aging products boom. Growing old gracefully? No Way, we will grow old kicking and screaming... WHERE IS MY PLASTIC SURGEON, I NEED A FACE LIFT!!

We do not want to show any outward signs of aging. Anti-aging products and plastic surgery are a multi billion dollar industry and we don’t mind spending thousands of dollars to keep that youthful appearance.


What if we could turn back the hands of time by just making a few lifestyle changes?

What really causes wrinkles, I mean besides the obvious culprits: Dehydration and Too much sun.

Here are three reasons why our faces are aging before we do.

Don’t Eat That!

When we were growing up we ate wholesome foods like eggs and bacon with buttered toast for breakfast, real butter not an imitation. We had loaded baked potatoes, meatloaf with gravy and a veggie on the side for dinner. Eating satisfied our hunger and made us feel good too.

If you listen to the medical profession, (I have nothing against doctors), we must change our eating habits. We must not eat eggs, just the whites.. We must not eat meat.. Be sure to rip the skin off the chicken before you prepare it. Don’t put any salt on your food, etc, etc, etc... Unfortunately, doing what the doctor ordered is not making us healthy.

Ok, enough of that. Here is what I think. It’s worked for me all these years maybe it will work for you too.

Want great skin? Then eat what you want but don’t overindulge. Moderation Is the key. If it’s not natural, Don’t eat it and remember to hydrate. Drink cold, clear, water. Filter it.

Obsessing about aging makes you old. Stop that!

Unfortunately, aging is something we all have to do. Now I am not saying we should lay down and accept the aging process. What I am saying is we should accept that aging is a natural progression. To age well we must not obsess about it. Learn to be happy in your own skin and try the natural approach to Anti-aging. Relax, smile, and be happy. Use a good anti-aging regiment which includes Vitamins/mineral supplementation and anti-oxidants.

Stress Kills and also makes you wrinkly.

The next time you feel stress, take a look in the mirror. Notice how the stress you feel looks on your face? If you frown enough the wrinkles become permanent. We don’t want that do we?
Learn to relax. Take time out for yourself. I know, we have children and husbands to raise and some of us have jobs too but if you don’t take care of you how can you take care of them?

Take an hour a day for yourself. Take a bubble bath, do your nails, call a friend. This is called Me Time. Do it .. You deserve it.. You will be a better person for it.. Your family will love you for it.

Till next time

Dian Richold

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